CreativeCo is a growth equity studio

Equity capital for early growth stage companies

CreativeCo’s fund invests in capital efficient seed and series A companies

We’re an operator-driven, true value-add investor

You’ve grinded it out since inception to get your product to market, attract a solid team, and demonstrate a strong start to revenue traction. You’re more proud of your company’s performance than the amount of money you’ve raised.

We invest in founders that are in the early-stages of building profitable software or tech-enabled services companies. We believe capital efficiency, and bootstrapping in general, is a proven path to building long-term value as compared to traditional high-burn VC.

Our perspective on investing is based on being operators and entrepreneurs ourselves, and our mission is to truly add value. Our growth equity studio model is designed to provide capital and capabilities that yield highly tangible results for your team and your business.

Have an opportunity for us to invest?

We invest in business cloud companies

CreativeCo focuses on B2B SaaS, marketplace and tech-enabled services companies, which we collectively refer to as business-cloud.

  • Apty
  • Medxoom
  • DebtBook
  • Rabbu
  • Ziflow
  • SingleOps
  • Rent Ready
  • Spotio
  • Tracks N Teeth
  • Social Studies

We get involved

CreativeCo has the capital and studio team members to accelerate development of your product, organization and strategic moves. We partner to establish your foundation for growth.

  1. Make the product a competitive advange

    Enhance UX and accelerate roadmap to improve sales conversion, pricing, and customer retention.

  2. Build a sales & marketing machine

    Leverage product advantage with data, process optimization, and team expansion to accelerate growth.

  3. Explore Acquisitions

    Explore opportunities to acquire add-on capabilities & incremental ARR.

We’re all about getting creative

Investment parameters

With an operator background and the capital and capabilities of our studio, we’re not afraid to look at opportunities that require some vision to build value.

$500K+ ARR $100k-$1M investments

In general, we’d like to see around $500k ARR as a minimum level of traction, and we invest between $100,000 and $1 million in business cloud companies located in the US with a focus on emerging-tech cities outside the traditional VC zones.