CreativeCo is a growth equity studio

A new way to fund product acceleration

CreativeCo’s studio partners with management teams of early-stage companies to achieve their true product vision

We’re investing in your product

We operate as an extension to your team with the goal of accelerating your roadmap and reducing execution risk, and our entire studio collaboration is structured as an equity investment, enabling you to continue on a capital-efficient growth plan.

Together, we achieve product-competitive-advantage and build a solid foundation for investment in sales and marketing. CreativeCo’s fund is also in position to provide equity capital for leveraging our product investment.

Have an opportunity to work together?

Product Competitive Advantage

Let’s build a market leader

Today more than ever before, the strength of your product determines the growth rate, customer rentention and long-term success of your business. First mover advantage is rare and an awesome sales team selling a weak user experience is unsustainable as the consumerization of business software is well underway. Your product must be your competitive advantage. We make that happen.

Case Study: proSapient

  • 2017
    Our studio team accelerates proSapient’s product from MVP to high-quality scalable platform
  • 2019
    proSapient's differentiated platform enables ARR to grow over 15x during the 2017-2019 period with major enterprise adoption and exceptional retention

On-demand experience and talent

Our studio team

Building a market leading product is like a team sport. It requires multiple team members in multiple positions playing together as a well-practiced team. CreativeCo’s studio team is comprised of product, design, engineering, data and operational experts that have worked together for years across numerous digital platform builds.

Proven talent can be harder to find than capital, and CreativeCo provides both.

CreativeCo Studio Capabilities

  • Strategy
  • Product Management
  • UX and Visual Design
  • Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Dev Ops
  • Platform Operations

Studio Focus

  • SaaS
  • Marketplaces
  • Tech-Enabled Services
  • AI / Machine Learning


  • How do you structure your studio deals?

    “Studio deals” are opportunities where product work can make a significant difference in the growth trajectory of a business - to the point where we believe funding this initiative makes sense. Unlike our standard capital investment where the use of proceeds is determined by the management team, these investments are allocated exclusively to the product program. Essentially we are investing our studio team’s cost and structuring this program as a convertible note or priced equity.

  • At what stage do you invest?

    Studio deals are best suited for when your product is limiting the growth of your business - so after there is evidence of product-market fit and revenue traction. Our thinking is simple - if we can accelerate the product roadmap with our studio team, we want to be confident in the outcome (more customers, more retention, larger deals, etc). We do not invest in building MVPs or first product iterations.

  • What if we have our own product team?

    We assume that we’re always working with members of our portfolio company teams. There is always more work on the table that can get completed, and our studio team is intended to accelerate a roadmap in collaboration with your team. In conversations, we can determine the best way to divide and conquer to achieve the objective - whether it be UX/design, frontend/API, or different services. If your team is very small, we can take larger responsibility - or vice versa.

  • How is the studio related to CreativeCo’s fund?

    CreativeCo’s fund is the capital source of all our deals, regardless of stage and style. For all companies we invest in, our studio team is always available to help. However, the degree to which our studio team’s help is needed is different from one business to another. In some cases, we may invest in a business that has no need for our studio team’s assistance. The opposite end of this spectrum are deals where our fund is financing the cost of our team to accelerate a product roadmap.